About Us

While diversification and expanding its capacity, has no doubt been lucrative moves for the BDG Group, the management has much more in mind than just making profit.

BDG Group has always held on to the philosophy of doing business that will benefit people. It has been more than 25 years of exploration and hardworking and BDG Group has become a Multilateral Enterprise with its business covering different aspects including food, cloth, housing, education and medicare.

The products and services of BDG Group are extremely well-recieived owing to their superb quality and reasonable prices.

Present value of the assets of BDG Group would be about TK. 30,000.00 Million (equivalent to US$ 411 million). Total turn over amounts to Tk. 12,000.00 Million (equivalent to US$ 164 million).

BDG Group now has a staff of more than 8000 Nos.

BDG Group is very much in tune with current trends. Bangladesh Advance Technologies Ltd. is an example of how BDG Group has recognized the immense importance of information technology in today's world.

There is therefore a constant effort to improve the quality of life of people. On a broader scale, each company of BDG Group in its own way contributes to the development of the Country. By setting up industries and export oriented businesses, BDG Group significantly contributes to the economy of Bangladesh.

As we enter into the 21st century, we hope to work with integrity and give greater vitality to our social commitment to this country and its people.

BDG Group is poised to face the future with a distinct sense of optimism.