Apart from running regular business activities the management of BDG-Magura Group likes to undertake different benevolent services for the well being of the people. To materialise this noble objective Magura Group Foundation has been formed. Magura Group Foundation is a non-profitable, non-political, nongovernment voluntary and charitable Foundation.

Main objectives of the Foundation are :

  • To educate, promote, encourage and propagate modern education & learning scientific education by establishing School, College, Madrashas, Medical and Engineering institutions.
  • To provide free legal help to the poor, destitute and distressed people.
  • To run different projects for relief, employment generation and rehabilitation among the flood, famine, draught and other natural calamity affected people.
  • To provide training for entrepreneurial skill development.
  • To provide financial services with social security component.
  • To arrange various educational projects for the distressed people.
  • To create projects for providing free medical services specially the maternity and child care system.